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Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Which is the kW or mW range of efficiency and profitability of Tzekov Motor?
 A: Profitability depends on the temperature of the heat source and heat carrier. Power depends on the heat quantity and the construction that is tailored according to client’s preferences and depending on the type of the heat source. The higher temperature of the heat source we have, the more profitable Tsekov motor is. See Types of Tzekov Motor and application.

 Q: What is the term of construction and implementation of Tzekov Motor?
 A: The construction term is up to 6 months for power up to 30 kW and up to 100 kW. In the case of greater powers the term is to be additionally negotiated.

 Q: What is the power of the engine?
 A: The engines have been constructively developed, with the full set and power to 100kW. Should you need greater power, you can implement several engines of 100KW or have an engine designed with the desired power.

 Q: What is the energy conversion efficiency of Tzekov motor ?
 A: Depending on the heat source and the construction, the energy conversion efficiency could go up to 60% for the full utilization of heat from the heat source multi-stage (cascade) method is applied and the engine construction makes it possible to assimilate the entire energy from the heat source.