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Per each kilogram of petrol or diesel 3 kilograms of oxygen are burnt out. This will result in oxygen hunger all around the world, the occurrence of new kinds of diseases, the extinction of flora and fauna species and of mankind in general. It is high time we did what it takes to save the life on the planet and preserve the priceless fossil energy sources. Let preserve them for the future generations! The implementation of Tzekov Motor is our alternative.


In July 2013 our media disseminated information according to which the oxygen on Earth has decreased because of burning out due to the traditional external and internal combustion engines and burning out earth gas, oil fuels and coals for heating, wooden and plan sources. 70% of the fuels are used for domestic and industrial heating and cooling and only 30% for the actual manufacturing processes. This is one of the reasons for increasing the number of respiratory diseases and other diseases.

The temperature of Earth increases because of the decrease of the О2 quantity. In the stratosphere the shortage of О2 is the prerequisite for the occurrence of the Ozone holes. This means that the solar radiation and energy are not being absorbed by the ozone (made up of three molecules of oxygen and with lots of energy it is decomposed to make 2 molecules of О3 – a molecule of three oxygen atoms). This increases the number of skin cancer cases and other respiratory diseases. The natural disasters (floods, tornados, drought etc.) increase because of two reasons:
- Earth is a water planet. The more it heats up, the more water is evaporated, which is three times more than the land. Thus three times more water is evaporated than a single unit to earth temperature increase. This is what causes the disastrous flooding.
Earth is like a “cooking pot” with water – the more it gets heated up, the more intensely it evaporates and boils, the more the heat exchange (of warm and cool) gets more dynamic.
- The atmospheric pressure increases because of the higher quantity of СО2, which is heavier than oxygen and water (water vapours) thus causing more disastrous tornados, wind spouts and storms.


This is the reason for the media not to provide information about the atmospheric pressure (measured in a mm mercury column or hectopascals), but they notify us that the atmospheric pressure is normal, higher or lower than the average for the month.
For thousands of years, for ever and ever in the flora, fauna and mankind battles, struggles and wars are being held for energy and dreams for harnessing the solar energy and heat.
Tzekov Motor achieves the ultimate dream as it synthesizes human development, work and knowledge of scientists, engineers and technicians for harnessing the solar energy in the interest of mankind and life on this planet. The increase of yield in agriculture results from the increased quantity of СО2, which assists the photosynthesis of plants.


The more the О2 quantity in the atmosphere decreases, the more the number of natural disasters will increase. О2 on Earth is produced solely by the photosynthesis. If there were no photosynthesis, there would be no oxygen. Right now photosynthesis is not sufficient because of О2 burning for domestic and industrial needs of mankind that continuously increase.