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TZekov Motor – “Low-temperature engine for transforming the heat into mechanical and electrical energy


Dear Madams and Sirs,


It is our pleasure to present you the brand new technology that will change the world and will replace all traditional methods for energy production. This is |low-temperature heat engine for transforming the heat into mechanical and electrical energy (Tzekov Motor), which operates with heat emitted by solid ingredients, hot water and hot gases thus generating mechanical and electrical energy. The new technology that was unknown until today is scientifically and technically reasonable and proven and it was protected before the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria and the World Intellectual Property Organization. Effective prototype was prepared that is shot and presented in a video. Industrial modifications were constructed with power up to 100kW that are at the assembly stage. 



Tzekov Motor’s advantages are the following:


1.      Tzekov Motor operates thanks to transforming heat of low temperature above minus -20 C° to 99 C° of the heat carrier and the work body and generates reciprocating, rotary mechanical movement and electrical energy with high energy conversion efficiency from 20% to 40%  in the case of the multi stage Tzekov Motor it goes up to 60% energy assimilation from the heat source.


2.      Tzekov Motor uses various heat sources with low and high temperature such as waste heat from the industry and energy, solar energy, geothermal springs and ground heat, burnable plant, bio, domestic, wooden and industrial waste, fume gases, fossil fuels from water basins, rivers, seas, oceans etc.


3.      In the case of using water from rivers, seas, oceans and water basins in its capacity of heat source, Tzekov Motor works with temperature of 2 C° of the heat flow.   


4.  The device has high efficiency because of its operation in a closed system, at low temperature, transformer of translational into rotary mechanical movement and direct utilization of the generated mechanical energy in the work cycle, as well as the assimilation of the heat from the outflows of the heat carrier and the work body.   


5.    The device is very environmentally friendly and is characterized by simplified and effective mechanical construction and allows the stationary and mobile assembly and standby operation because of its small dimensions and unique construction. Tsekov Motor uses CO2, Freon, ammonium or other refrigerator agent in their capacity of work body for the various temperature and type of the heat source.






Tzekov Motor is designed and applicable in all domestic and industrial areas. Our clients could be companies, enterprises and physical entities that have waste heat from cooling industrial processes which is being currently discharged in the environment. It utilizes various heat sources: solar energy, energy of geothermal sources; of burnable energy sources (domestic, plant, wooden, industrial and other types of waste, as well as of burnable fossil sources – oil, coals, natural gas). The implementation of the innovation Tzekov Motor will assist in transforming this heat energy in electrical and mechanical, and to use it in the technological process thus improving the energy efficiency and competitiveness of your technological process and end product.
The main parts of Tzekov Motor are piston cylinders and pipe or plate heat-exchanging devices etc.




Our mission: To utilize the waste heat that is discharged in the environment by the cooling industrial processes; from it Tsekov Motor generates mechanical and electrical energy that is directly returned to the manufacturing process in the industry, transport, agriculture, households etc. This will improve the energy efficiency and competitiveness thanks to reducing or even eliminating the harmful emissions discharged in the air. The implementation of Tzekov Motor will not disturb the equilibrium in nature and will assist for the improved utilization of the energy of fossil and other burnable sources that are already running out and we will preserve the oxygen on Earth.
Tzekov Motor will increase the use of the renewable energy sources in the industry and households of humanity. You can become part of the solution to the problem related to the environmental pollution. Let’s choose the use of clean electrical energy today so that we could leave a better world for the future generations tomorrow!