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Offer for joint business activity and Licence


 “Tzekov Motor” Ltd. Company offer you for joint activity and implementation in production of the products of a Bulgarian invention “Method and device of low-temperature engine for transforming the heat into mechanical and electrical energy”, with the establishment of joint company, with share participation and purchasing Licence.
“Tzekov Motor” is a low-temperature engine for transforming the heat of various heat sources into mechanical and electrical energy.

 The main parts in the design of the invention Tzekov Motor  are pipe and plate heat-exchanging devices and piston cylinders of special construction. The offer and presentation of Tzekov Motor is mostly to your attention – the producers of the abovementioned parts.
The invention has been protected before the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria and the World Intellectual Property Organization.

 Tzekov Motor operates with heat that exceeds a temperature of – 20 C° of the heat source. In the case of cascade (consecutive) connection of several engines to one and the same heat source, better assimilation and transformation of the heat in mechanical and electrical energy is achieved. Thanks to Tzekov Motor the heat of rivers, seas, oceans, sun, air and all burnable sources could be transformed into mechanical and electrical energy or applied as air-conditioning without the need to use electrical energy for its operations.
We offer the sale of license or know-how to the joint company for our joint activity in which the share participation could be secured in various ways and means of payment.
After entering the joint activity agreement and the establishment of joint company to the assimilation of the manufacturing we will provide you with modifications of Tzekov Motor  – made in Bulgaria, for the purposes of market research.